Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED)
in South Africa


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An initiative of

CSIR Building and Construction Technology

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International CPTED Association (ICA)

CSIR Building and Construction Technology is involved with continued research into the relationship between crime and the physical environment. The CSIR CPTED team bases its definition and understanding of CPTED on a South African interpretation of international approaches as well as research conducted in South Africa . It defines CPTED as follows:



Crime Prevention through Environmental Design aims to reduce the causes of, and opportunities for, criminal events and address the fear of crime by applying sound planning, design and management principles to the built environment.


The notion that the physical environment can either increase or reduce the opportunities for crime is not new. Internationally, it has been studied extensively over a number of decades. There is general consensus that if the environment is planned, designed and managed appropriately, certain types of crimes can be reduced. The principles of CPTED are universal, but their application should be guided by the local context.


The CSIR CPTED team focuses on the relevance of CPTED within the South African context and the implementation of CPTED in developing countries.